PET facility

The PET facility is a multimodal integrated system PET/CT (Albira-Bruker) at  high-resolution which allows to study the different physio-pathological processes of animal models and analyze them longitudinally in both qualitative and quantitative modalities, with high resolution, low noise and reduced acquisition times.

The availability of a cyclotron in close proximity allows you to quickly get any radiopharmaceutical drug to be used with PET, in different research areas including oncology, cardiovascular disease, neuroscience, inflammatory diseases and regenerative medicine.

Applications of preclinical PET/CT system

  • Characterizationof of new radiopharmaceuticals for new therapeutic strategies (kinetic and biological properties)
  • Pharmacokinetics and pharmadynamics
  • Development and validation of new diagnostic and therapeutic targets.
  • Development and validation of quantitative imaging techniques.
  • Quantification of the progression of disease at molecular level.