Preclinical Area

The Preclinical Area of CAPiR is designed to provide the scientific community engaged in biomedical research, the tools for basic and preclinical research with a strong clinical perspective, with the ultimate goal of improving diagnostics and therapeutic perspectives available today for patients. The area offers the main support services to experimental preclinical and translational research, grouped into the following platforms:



   “Animal Models”                           “Behaviour”                          “ChickEmbryoLab”

 “NeuralNetworks                  “PreclinicalImaging                     “ZebrafishLab

The Preclinical Area platforms are of great impact for the strengthening of regional production in the biomedical field, the development of products and services for national/international market, promotion of translational research of the territory with strong industrial potential.

“Additional Services” Preclinical Area, in dedicated page.