Stabilimento Utilizzatore Unico

The "Stabilimento Utilizzatore Unico" (SUU) operates according to University Statute and Regulation, as research support units for animal experimental research.

The SUU acts in compliance with current law (Legislative Decree N°. 26 of 4 March 2014), in implementation of Directive 2010/63/EU on the "protection of animals used for scientific purposes" and with particular attention to those indicated in FELASA guidelines.

The Center provides users the opportunity to host the animals provided in the experimental procedures indicated in projects previously approved by the Ministry, to benefit both the equipment, the technical and scientific support, and medical and veterinary staff of the structure.

It includes two animal house:



Based on internal SUU regulations, it performs the following activities:

  • maintenance and care of laboratory animals
  • maintenance of genetically modified animal models
  • maintenance diet-induced animal models
  • provision and supply standards and medicated feed
  • animal welfare check 
  • monitoring of law regulation application
  • support for anesthesia protocols
  • advice and support to the experimental procedures performed by users
  • support to the preparation of documentation to submit research projects to OPBA